Boeing - 787-9, Serial # 63390 Aircraft Summary


Model 787-9   Status Active
Serial Number 63390   Role Passenger
Line Number 669   Engines GE GEnx-1B
First Flight 2018-02-15   Built
Last Flight   Test Registration
First Operator QANTAS
Current Operator Qantas
2016-12-01 Assigned as ZB272 C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND On Order
2018-01-05 Powered by General Electric Engines C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND On Order
2018-01-05 Built at Everett C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND On Order
2018-01-05 Entered Final Assembly C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND On Order
2018-01-22 Rolled out (New Aircraft) C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND On Order
2018-02-15 First Flight C42W28Y166 Qantas N1006F On Order
2018-02-26 Delivered to Airline C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Active
2018-02-26 Named Skippy C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Active
2018-02-26 Painted in "Indigneous - Yam Dreaming" Livery C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Active
2020-01-15 Named Emily Karne Kngwarreye C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Active
2020-02-09 Whilst performing flight QF-10 from London Heathrow to Perth, the aircraft departed Heathrow's runway 27R when the crew received an indication the tail had contacted the runway surface. The crew stopped the climb at 6000 feet, entered a hold to dump fuel and returned to Heathrow for a safe landing on runway 27L about 55 minutes after departure. A post flight inspection revealed both tail strike sensors had triggered. Qantas confirmed the aircraft returned to Heathrow following a suspected tail strike. Engineers inspected the aircraft and found no damage to the fuselage. The flight needed to be cancelled nonetheless due to crew duty time limitation. The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Heathrow about 26 hours after landing back. At the time of departure and landing back Britain was under the influence of winter storm Ciara. The B787?s have tail strike indication systems. Boeing described that system: "The tail strike alert system detects ground contact which could damage the airplane pressure hull. A two-inch blade target and two proximity sensors are installed on the aft body of the airplane. The EICAS caution message TAIL STRIKE is displayed when a tail strike is detected. This indication is accompanied by a beeper and Master CAUTION light." C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Grounded
2020-02-10 Returned to service following checks C42W28Y166 Qantas VH-ZND Active