Boeing - 787-8, Serial # 37167 Aircraft Summary


Model 787-8   Status Active
Serial Number 37167   Role Passenger
Line Number 359   Engines GE GEnx-1B
First Flight 2015-10-23   Built 2015
Last Flight   Test Registration
First Operator Aerom?xico
Current Operator Aeromexico
2009-01-01 Built at Charleston C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2009-01-01 Powered by General Electric Engines C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2014-02-27 Assigned as ZA719 C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2015-08-20 Entered Final Assembly C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2015-10-07 Rolled Out (New Aircraft) C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2015-10-23 First Flight C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM On Order
2015-11-19 Delivered to Airline C32Y211 CIT Leasing N783AM Active
2015-11-20 Sold to Wells Fargo Bank C32Y211 Wells Fargo Bank N783AM Active
2015-11-21 Leased to Airline C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM Active
2016-09-22 Whilst performing flight AM-3 from Mexico City to Paris Charles de Gaulle, at FL410 at approx location N47.69, W34.6, approx 745nm east of St.John, and 1460nm west of Paris when an automated Mayday was sent by the aircraft, requesting diversion to Gander in Canada, Gander Oceanic clearance cleared the divert but then recieved a number of automated messages and reports indicating all operations where in fact normal and the flight was going to proceed as planned.The aircraft landed without further issue in Paris approx 3 hours later. C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM Active
2019-05-12 Aircraft was hit by ground vehicle damaging the starboard trailing edge and flaps., Aircraft grounded C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM Grounded
2019-05-17 Returned to service following repairs C32Y211 Aeromexico N783AM Active