Boeing - 787-8, Serial # 35306 Aircraft Summary


Model 787-8   Status Active
Serial Number 35306   Role Passenger
Line Number 115   Engines GE GEnx-1B
First Flight 2013-07-21   Built 2013
Last Flight   Test Registration -
First Operator Aerom?xico
Current Operator Comlux Aruba
2009-01-01 Built at Everett C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM On Order
2009-01-01 Powered by General Electric Engines C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM On Order
2013-03-01 Rolled out (New Aircraft) C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM On Order
2013-04-03 Entered Final Assembly C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM On Order
2013-07-21 First Flight C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM On Order
2013-08-16 Delivered to airline C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM Active
2013-08-17 Leased to Airline C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM Active
2015-06-29 Flight AM3 diverted to Shannon Ireland after a smoke alarm in cargo was given for the aft right hand side cargo bay. Once on the ground passengers where safely offloaded and the aircraft was towed to a remote stand where checks where carried out and no trace of fire or smoke was found.\r Aircraft is currently grounded for safety checks\passengers where told to adopt brace positions upon landing in Shannon. C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM Grounded
2015-07-01 Returned to Service C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM Active
2020-12-21 Withdrawn from Use C32Y211 Aeromexico N961AM Stored
2021-01-30 Returned to Lessor C32Y211 AerCap N961AM Stored
2021-01-30 Leased to Airline C32Y211 Comlux Aruba N961AM Stored
2021-01-31 Re-Registered C32Y211 Comlux Aruba P4-787 Active